Hi we are Semjaza and Tru Blu. We package all of our small scale, organically grown products in compostable packaging. We are committed to providing our customers top quality products with a small environmental footprint.

We believe in People POwer

At Inner Forest Organics, we believe in People Power and the amazing things that can be accomplished when a small group of like minded individuals come together with a common goal. I myself had terrible anxiety, depression and insomnia. I tried a myriad of pharmaceuticals which gave me many undesirable side effects. The idea that treating yourself ad whatever ails you with the best possible source you could find in nature was appealing to me, and being a green thumb, I began cultivating cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. 

We believe that these 2 plants have powerful therapeutic effects for people and the planet and our goal is to bring you the best quality product available.

Peace & Love – Inner Forest 

Meet the team

Green Thumb

Tru Blu
Mushroom Girl